Monday, June 29, 2015

 Easter pics by Leigh Anne O'Neal 2015.

 Trying to capture Alice's 1st month pic.

 Labor Day weekend at the beach.

 Grandparents Day 2014 3rd Grade - Mrs. Pearce's class.
 Alice's first Andy football game.
 Happy Halloween.  Ivy was Katie Perry. 
 We visited the Smokey mountains. 

 While in the mountains we visited the Biltmore in North Carolina.

 Alice's Baptism pics by Leigh Anne O'neal

 Ivy decided to have a spend the night party at the lake. 

 Our cabin in the mountains.


 Ivy and Marge dressed to the Candy Land theme and rode on the chamber float.

 Ivy and Marge were in the party scene of the Nutcracker this year.

 Christmas party for Mrs. Pearce's class.

 Ivy babysat Alice by putting her in her babydoll crib.

 We had Alice baptized in July.  She did perfect.  The preacher was Tim Trent.

 Tag Trip to Bham.

 Natalie's birthday party.
 Marge's 9th bday.

 Father Daughter Dance 2015.

 Alice's 6 month pics.

 Cookies with Characters.
 Ivy and Savannah.  Alice and Coast.

 Trying to take a pic is getting harder.

 Spring Break 2015 Orange Beach.

 Orange Beach zoo.

 Cadie and Alice at FUMC's Easter egg hunt.

 Ivy and Marge at FUMC Easter egg hunt.
 The Easter Bunny visited the girls.

 Field Day 2015.
 Ivy's piano recital.  She played Do Re Mi.

 Spring Performance.

 Mother's Day Beach trip.

 AR party at bowling alley.

 Feasting Around the World.

 Ivy put her shoes on Alice.  She didn't like them too much.

 Fun at the lake.

 Cadie, Ivy, Alice, John Douglas, Kennedy and Caroline.

 Ivy got the chicken pox.  11 months old.

 This is trying to take her 11 mo old pic.  NOT having it.

 Visit to NOLA.  First stop Oak Alley Plantation. 

 Ventured down Bourban St. 

 NOLA Aquarium. 

 Day with Marge.

Alice likes to hide under the table.  11 mo.
 Christmas pics by Leigh Anne O'neal